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Our vision for Pilgrims’ Inn is to provide a holy place for Christians who are interested in spiritual growth  and ministry as supported by the New Testament.  As a Christian Community, the privilege of residency is subject to this personal quest of spiritual maturity of God’s Truth in Unity, Eph. 4:1-16.  “Can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Amos 3:3.  Pilgrim’s Inn is to be considered a Christian Training Center & Seminary.

Occupancy is on a per room basis.  A room may be shared but if one person moves out then the remaining person is responsible for the monthly fees on the room .  The first month’s fees will begin from the day occupied  to end of the first month.  The subsequent monthly fees will be due on the 1st, and late after the 10th of each month with a $25. late fee.  Please let us know, within 30 days, if you plan to leave.

In addition to monthly room fees the, per person, prorated amount of the utilities will be added to room costs plus tax.  If used, the laundry is a  monthly charge of $10. and the media room is $20.

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Please do not use the other person’s parking area without permission.

There is but one, on property, parking spot for each room, the parking space is assigned.  It is important that parked cars are headed into the hill and as close to the hill as possible and against the concrete parking stops.  Please do not “temporarily park” in the loading area of the upper driveway.

It is the policy that men will not go into women’s rooms nor women into men’s rooms.

Occupancy includes the use of hot tub, library, shop, kitchen and music room.  Please!  If you borrow it, return it to where found.   If you mess it up, clean it up.  If you break it, fix it.  If you consume it, fill or replace it.   Please leave kitchen counters totally free of dishes after each use. Also clean counters, stove and floor.  We welcome any suggestions as to how to make the center work better for all concerned.

Residence will be requested to maintain a selected portion of the gardens and yard areas for a witness and to help in keeping the common areas and bathrooms clean and tidy.

Although there is a house phone (808-326-5487) it is requested that all residence have a cell or pager.  It is very difficult for Ken & Sue to field messages and phone calls for everyone.

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