First Year - Second Year - Third Year
First Year, Aloha Christian Theological Seminary
(subject to change)

(Bachelor of Theology degree in balanced and foundational Christianity)

Semester one:
111 Doctrinal Foundations, chapters 1-17 “Foundations for Righteous Living”  by  Dr. Derek Prince
121. Gospels and Acts “Holy Bible”, King James
131. Old Testament, Law “Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible”  by  Eerdmans
141. Spiritual Freedom* “Biblical Foundations of Freedom”  by  Dr. Art Mathias, 
151. Early Church Evangelism “The Church in the House  By  Robert Fitts

Semester two:

112. Doctrinal Foundations, chapters 18-34 “Foundations for Righteous Living”  by  Dr. Derek Prince
122. Epistles “Holy Bible”, King James
132. Psalms and Wisdom “Holy Bible”, King James
142. Demonology (Prince) “They Shall Expel Demons”  by  Dr. Derek Prince
152. God and Authority “Keys To The Kingdom”  by  Dr. N. K. Smith

Semester three:

113. Doctrinal Foundations, chapters 35-52 “Foundations for Righteous Living”  by  Dr. Derek Prince
123. Hebrews and Eschatology “Holy Bible”, King James
133. Prophets, major and minor “Holy Bible”, King James
143. Cults (Martin) “Chaos of the Cults”  by  Dr. Walter Martin
153. Church History “Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible”  by Eerdmans

* Also required reading: “A More Excellent Way”  by Henry Wright


First Year - Second Year - Third Year
Second Year Seminary

Th.M.  ( Master’s of Theology Degree in Discipling Others)

Semester four:

211. Life of Christ To be selected
221. Finding your personal ministry
231. Spiritual health
241. House Church gatherings
251. Christian Biographies

Semester five:

212. Life of Christ To be selected
222. Marriage
232. Psychological health
242. House Church, World
252. Christian Biographies

Semester six:

213. Church Authority and Structure To be selected
223. Family Ministry
233. Physical health
243. Early Church Community
253. Foxe’s Book of Martyr’s


First Year - Second Year - Third Year
Third Year Seminary

Third Year, Th.D.  (Doctor of Theology for beginning new seminary)

311 Dissertation, Thesis on the practical applications of a New Testament Seminary
312. Administration and Liabilities of a New Testament Seminary.
313. Ordination and application for a Non Profit Corporation and Tax exemption



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