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Accreditation by U. A. C. 2/5/04

ACTS: Aloha Christian Theological Seminary
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The mission of Trinity Fellowship International is to find the rejected, disconnected and discarded parts of the Lord's Church and help heal, sort and reassemble according to the teachings of our Lord and Apostles of His New Testament Church (I Cor.1:17-31; Eph.4:1-16; John.17).

The mission also includes the development of House Church ministries. House Church ministries are not satellite Bible study groups of a larger monolithic theater mega church program. House Churches are autonomous physically, but spiritually share in the beautiful unity of Christ (Eph. 4:11-16 and John 17).

The original impact of the Early Church should be carefully studied and emulated. If we cannot surpass the Early Church in effectiveness and power, then we should try to copy The Early Church. We should not seek to deviate from the original productive pattern given under the anointing and guidance of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles.

I.                   Vision:

To enable any disciple of Jesus Christ to receive a balanced education in the theology of God's Truth in Love, Holiness and Power in one year. And in the second year to encourage the development of Christian Maturity for Ministry to train others also.

II.                Location:

The seminary will be basically centered at Pilgrims' Inn Abbey, (Hale Maluhia) we are in the process of confirming the three years of classes and curriculum. The seminary will be a subsidiary of Trinity Fellowship International and soon will also have a book store, "Acts 29 Book Store", in order to make text books available for our students at the lowest possible cost..

III.             Study Plan:

Students will receive guided study for the basic theology of each course.
Students will then have an interactive discussion on what was learned each week.
Students will submit a two page, double spaced paper covering each chapter.
Pass or fail will be posted each week as per instructor's evaluation. An evaluation for previous ministry experience may also be accepted for equivalent subjects.
Other class and study options may be included at the discretion of the Dean.

IV.              Faculty:

Abbot N. K. Smith, D.D., Th.D., Rev. Sue Smith, B.A. Also see biographical profile located at: for further details. top.

V.                 Facilities:  

The library/lecture facility is about 500 sq. ft. There is a common table for 12 students at the present time with room for another table of 8 if needed later. Also goto: Or

The Abbey includes 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a place for worship, 17' x 26' with room for about 30 people and a small library of about 500 sq. ft. which is available 14/7 and will allow for desks and chairs for perhaps 18 students. The Abbey also has a community dinning area and an outside lanai with seating for 22 people. top.

VI.              Files:

Each student disciple will have a file kept on the main office computer. Each subject may also have a file or files in the main office for hard copy. top.

VII.           Tuition:

Seminary tuition is on a donation basis. We feel that a foundational Christian Education is required by the Great Commission and as such should not be restricted by finances. There will be a minimum charge for the books required for the courses and the students personal library. top.

VIII.        Discipline:

Biblical standards will be invoked for any and all discipline. top.

IX.              Requirements:  

i. High School diploma may be required for admission. Attendance and progress reports will be maintained. Each year will include three, four month semesters with a 1 week break between each semester. Each of the five semester classes will be a 4 unit credit requiring 20 units per semester for passing. 60 unit/credits hours will be required for an Bachelor of Theology Degree.
  ii. In addition to the B.Th. Degree 60 unit/credits will be required to earn a Master of Theology Degree, Th.M. Units/Credits may be transferred from accredited colleges if evaluated to be equal or to surpass ACTS Class requirements. Transcripts from other Colleges and/or Seminaries may be required if request is made for transfer of units/credits to ACTS for evaluation towards degree.
  iii. With the conferring of a Th.M. Degree and with further guided study and dissertation the graduate may qualify for a Th.D. Degree with ACTS. top.

X.                 Flexibility:

Degrees may also be earned by a mentored guided study program or by use of the Internet from any place in the world. top


Aloha Christian Theological Seminary (ACTS)
85-4554 Mamalahoa Hwy. Capt. Cook, HI 96704
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