Covenant of Fellowship

  1. Having received Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior and having publically confessed my faith in His Kingdom I feel led of the Holy Spirit to fellowship with Trinity Fellowship International for spiritual growth and for the work of the ministry of reconciliation in the Church of Jesus Christ.

  2. It is my intent to walk lovingly (Jn.15:18,6),  and humbly with all my brethren (I Pet.5:6), and to pray (James 5:16) and to separate myself from the sin of this world’s system of values (Titus 2:12, 1 Jn.1:9) by faith as God is my strength.

  3. It is my present vision to help support the ministry of Trinity Fellowship as God prospers me under the New Testament teachings of (2 Cor.16:2) as a “cheerful giver”.   For the relief of the needy (Mark 14:7, Prov.19:17) and for the publishing of the Gospel (Matt.28:19-20) and for the support of Ministers and Elders as called for by the Holy Spirit.

  4. It is my desire to make my gifts available to the ministry of Trinity Fellowship International and I respectfully request that the Elders pray and seek a witness from the Holy Spirit so as to confirm my calling in the Body of Christ.  And further to help me in the maturing process of  my personal growth and ministry in the Holy Spirit.

  5. It is understood that I will be loving encouraged to grow spiritually in a balance of love, holiness and power.  And further that Bible study, prayer, outreach and fellowship will be major parts of my learning experience as the result of my commitment to Trinity Fellowship International.

  6. It is understood that I will not be encouraged to follow any doctrine that cannot be found to be clearly supported by the teachings of the Holy Bible and especially those teachings as found in the  New Testament.

  7. Vision and loving influence is the basic forces in God behind all creation.  Manipulation by fear, threat, bribe, praise, pride and etc. are worldly and non-productive and are to be avoided in any form or manner in any relationship with the ministry outreach of Trinity Fellowship International.  Those who are called to minister with Trinity must leave the need for approval at the feet of Jesus for judgement in the resurrection.

  8. The vision of Trinity Fellowship International is to become a kind, gentle and loving help for salvaging the Christian walking wounded that may still seeking true spiritual light in our very dark world.   To restore those disciples, called of God to do mighty works in Christ, who have somehow lost their way.

  9. In this covenant of fellowship, it is my feeling that,  God has called me to be fitly joined and compacted in His Kingdom in and through the ministry of Trinity Fellowship Int. for this present time and to join with other disciples living at Pilgrims Inn.  While at Pilgrims Inn I covenant to live a consecrated and Godly life according to the moral excellence found in the Holy Scriptures, Eph.4:1-16

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