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Liability / Indemnification Agreement

This agreement between Trinity Fellowship International, et al, 
Corporate Officers, staff and associates, AND

your name

have entered into this agreement for the duration of time that said guest is at or near the property located at 85-4554 Mamalahoa Hwy. Captain Cook, HI 96704 or any other property considered subject to Trinity Fellowship International and also concerning any guidance and information as posted on the Internet web site owned by Trinity Fellowship International.  In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein the parties hereby agree that the aforementioned “Guest” and/or any of their relatives or acquaintances with save, indemnify, and hold harmless Trinity Fellowship International hereinafter to be known as the “Church” from any and all claims which result in bodily injury, spiritual injury, emotional injury, or property damage received as a result of the activities to be conducted at the “Church” or Premises by all Officers, Ministers, employees, volunteers, participants, or anyone associated with the “Guest” during such time as the “Guest” is utilizing said facilities or internet information.

Furthermore, the “Guest” understands that the responsibility to obtain insurance is not the duty of the “Church”.  The “Guest” agrees to abide by all laws, ordinances and regulations in effect by any governmental unity with appropriate jurisdiction.

The “Church” and its associated ministries do not seek to be in conflict with any medical or psychiatric Practices, nor does the “Church” seek to be in conflict with any other church and its religious doctrines, beliefs or practices.  We are not a part of medicine or psychology, yet we work to make those efforts more effective, rather than working against them.  We believe many human problems are fundamentally spiritual with associated physiological and psychological manifestations.  The information we share is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical problems or conditions.  The “Guest” should always seek prompt medical care for any health issues and should follow the directions of their physicians.  Should there be a healing as a result of the teachings of the “Church”, that healing should be verified and verifiable by the “Guest’s” physician.

Agreed to this day of year

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Rt. Rev. Dr. N. K. Smith, ThD DD
Aloha Christian Theological Seminary

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Aloha Christian Theological Seminary (ACTS)
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